Pursuit of Bliss

Magic, Manifestation & Managing Your Emotions with Dan Mendilow

April 8, 2020

Dan is a success coach who has helped hundreds of business owners multiply their income and freedom to enjoy it by rewiring their minds. His blend of science and spirituality have helped clients get results such as manifesting tens of thousands of dollars in 4 weeks, tripling their income in 3 weeks, and going from selling nothing in a year to $3.5MM in 4 months.

In this episode we chat all things magic, manifestations & emotions. We cover...

Is magic real?
Dan’s experiences with mind reading & experiences in a spiritual cult
What its like to see and feel energy
Manifesting texts from specific people
How Dan has healed his own depression naturally, and has helped others do the same in 4 hours or less
How to manage your emotions and stay high vibe even in quarantine


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