Pursuit of Bliss

Human Optimization & Following Your Calling with Andre Arellano

March 17, 2019

Andre is a life coach and spiritual entrepreneur. In this episode we talk all things related to human optimization, mindfulness and discovering your truth.

Andre digs really deep, and tells the inspirational story of how he went from his absolute rock bottom in a jail cell, to where he is today as a life coach and spiritual leader in the community.----more----

We talk about:----more----

-How to discover your purpose and follow it----more----

-How to move past limiting beliefs and fears----more----

-The practice that brought him out of depression----more----

-His transformational experience at a spirituality retreat that changed his entire life and world view----more----

-Mindful eating----more----

-What meditation really is, and how to start your own practice as a beginner----more----

-The 5 things we ALL need to be doing daily to optimize our health----more----

-Andre's morning ritual to set him up for success everyday----more----

-The one thing everyone should focus on to improve our wellbeing daily----more----


Andre's Instagram: @arellanoandre----more----


Tapping Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfZBHWSbrsg&t=256s----more----