Pursuit of Bliss

From NFL/Dream Life to Rockbottom: How to Rise Through Adversity & Find Purpose Again with Keyen Lage

May 27, 2020

Keyen is an elite athlete, entrepreneur, certified holistic nutritionist, performance coach, and international public speaker. His entire life he trained to enter the NFL...and his wish was finally fulfilled, only to have it taken away from him forever, just hours later. This led to a complete rock bottom experience which redirected his entire life and career. In this episode Keyen shares how he dealt with the dream he worked his entire life for being taken away in an instant, how he used his rock bottom to propel him forward, how we can use our thoughts to completely change our DNA, what he has learned about preventing disease using holistic means, how to master the self, and what it means to be spiritual as a masculine leader.


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